New Garments and Mounts are Available in November Grand Sale


Greetings, heroes!
The November Grand Sale will be from Nov. 14th to Nov. 27th. We add garments and mount in the Grand Sale this time. And the prices of some mount and wings  will be lowered.
Please go to NPC Emma at Twin City (464,350) for more information.
New Items On Sale:
DBScroll (B)*10
1,099 CPs
New Garments On Sale:
Bright Elegance(World) 9,999 CPs
Imperial Dragon Armor 9,999 CPs
Invincible Eastern(Supreme) 9,999 CPs
Imperial Leader(Supreme) 9,999 CPs
Blessed Star(Splendor) 9,999 CPs
Butterfly Rose 9,999 CPs
Poker Master(Legend) 9,999 CPs
Crystal Love(Star) 9,999 CPs
Flaming Warrior(Elite) 9,999 CPs
Budding Flower(Legend)
9,999 CPs
Night Master
9,999 CPs
Flowing Cloud (Light) 9,999 CPs
Anubis Miracle 9,999 CPs
Devil Michael Myers 9,999 CPs
Pharaohs(Legend) 9,999 CPs
Pure Fragrant Lotus 9,999 CPs
Limpid Milky Dream 9,999 CPs
Welkin Guard(Thunder) 9,999 CPs
Pistil Sprite(Glamour) 9,999 CPs
Glory of Raptors(King) 9,999 CPs
Final Survivor(Supreme) 9,999 CPs
Forever Christmas Melody 9,999 CPs
Starry Pursuit of Art 9,999 CPs
Legend of Warriors(Champion) 9,999 CPs
Blossom Romance(Charm) 9,999 CPs
Frozen Fantasy[Glaze] 19,999 CPs
Frozen Fantasy(Glory) 19,999 CPs
Lava Cat Robe(Star) 19,999 CPs
New Mounts On Sale:
New Price
Fiery Dragon(Hades)
11,999 CPs
Astral Deer 11,999 CPs
Winged Frostcat Armor 11,999 CPs
Sea Dragon(Holy) 11,999 CPs
Swift Cloud 11,999 CPs
Cherry Cloud 11,999 CPs
Celestial Dragon(Star) 11,999 CPs
Imperial Fox(Supreme) 11,999 CPs
Holy Lotus(Goddess) 11,999 CPs
Pure Lotus 11,999 CPs
Auspicious Cloud 11,999 CPs
Radiant Golden Retriever 11,999 CPs
Pacific Cloud 11,999 CPs
Giant Fish(Ripple) 11,999 CPs
Giant Fish(Gold) 11,999 CPs
Fortune Steed(Limited) 11,999 CPs
Starry Romance (Blossom) 11,999 CPs
Rainbow Angel (Butterfly) 11,999 CPs
Starry Jade Chariot 11,999 CPs
Snow Leopard (Mist) 11,999 CPs
Nether Leopard (Star) 11,999 CPs
ShiningLion(Splendor) 11,999 CPs
Wings Price Adjustment:
New Price
Violet Wings
54,999 CPs
Floral Wings (Frost) 54,999 CPs
Wings of Romance 54,999 CPs
Silver Butterfly (Shadow) 54,999 CPs
The Golden Phoenix 54,999 CPs
Wings of Slaughter 54,999 CPs
Butterfly Wing 54,999 CPs
Holly Blue Wings 54,999 CPs
Fragrant Wings 54,999 CPs
Frost Phoenix Wings 54,999 CPs
Dark Feather (Love) 54,999 CPs
Mounts Price Adjustment:
New Price
Holy Whale(Wave)
49,999 CPs
Soul Chariot 49,999 CPs
Super dog 49,999 CPs