Smash the Golden Eggs to Win Multiple Rewards from Nov. 14th to Nov. 30th



Greetings, heroes!


The Friday Giveback event is in full swing. You can credit to get Golden Hammers to smash the Golden Eggs. Various rewards are available. 

Tap the Event Page button in game or the link below to open the event page.

>>>Event Page<<<


Duration:  Nov. 14th to Nov. 30th


1. During the event, you can get the Golden Hammers to smash the Golden Eggs through crediting.

Card Type Credited



1 Golden Hammer


2 Golden Hammers


5 Golden Hammers


10 Golden Hammers


20 Golden Hammers


40 Golden Hammers


80 Golden Hammers


400 Golden Hammers


2.  There are 5 Golden Eggs in a round. You can choose 1-draw or 5-draw to smash them and get the rewards inside. The 1-draw costs 20 Golden Hammers, while the 5-draw costs 100 Golden Hammers.


1) The rewards of 5-draw are better.

2) The 5-draw is only available when the 5 Golden Eggs have not been smashed.



1-Draw Prize Pool: Cost 20 Golden Hammers to smash 1 egg.

Get 1 of the Rewards Randomly

Meteoric Iron Shard *2

Seal Fragment *5

Tiger Chi Liquor (B) *2

Ginseng Essence (B) *1

Random Swap Pack (M) *1

Lineage Seal *1

Resonance Stone *1

Permanent Stone (B) *1

Universal Rune Essence *50

+5 Stone (B) *1

Universal Rune Essence *100

Radiant Star Stone *1

Wings Swap Ticket *2


5-Draw Prize Pool: Cost 100 Golden Hammers to smash 5 eggs in a row.

Get 5 of the Rewards Randomly

Meteoric Iron Shard *2

Seal Fragment *5

Lineage Seal *1

+5 Stone (B) *1

Universal Rune Essence *100

Random Swap Pack (L) *1

Resonance Stone *2

Radiant Star Stone *1

Random Avatar Pack *1:

Open to randomly get 1-4 avatars. (Each repeated avatar will be recycled as 50 Trendcoins.)

Meteoric Iron *1

5S Mount Armor Box (B):

Open to select one permanent 1% blessed 5-star mount armor (no other bonus attributes) from Giant Fish (Gold) (B), Holy Whale (Celestial) (B), Colorful Cloud (Grand) (B), Blaze Kylin (Solar) (B), Starry Jade Chariot (B), Gilding Moon (B), Nether Leopard (Star) (B), Starry Romance (Blossom) (B), Rainbow Angel (Butterfly) (B), and Midnight Ordeal (Shadow) (B).