Complete Hero Tasks to Win Customized Rewards and More



The Super Hero Token event will be from Nov. 14th to Dec. 13th. You can complete tasks to win rewards! Please check out the details below.


Duration: Nov. 14th to Dec. 13th




1. Click the Super Hero button to enter interface. You can choose 3 types of rewards from 6 types as your rewards. The rewards can't be changed once confirmed.

2. You can pay 999 CPs to activate Advanced Covenant to claim standard rewards or pay $39.99 to activate Luxury Covenant to claim ultimate rewards.
Luxury Covenant includes the rewards of Advanced Covenant, and the contract will be directly upgraded to level 15.

3. Complete tasks to win points and rewards. The points can be used to exchange for nice rewards in Point Store.

4. Completing Advanced Covenant or Luxury Covenant will get you additional rewards.

Reward Display:

Dragon Tamer Title and 4-star Garment Golden Laurel

Chat Bubble Snow Tale

Avatar Snow Tale