Black Friday & Thanksgiving Celebration



Duration: Nov. 21st to Dec. 4th
Requirement: Level 80 or above
NPC: Belle at Twin City (437,349)
Rewards: 5-star garments, chic hairstyles, Splendid Star Stones, +7 Stones (B), etc.


At the end of the year, with warm and grateful feelings, we`re celebrating Black Friday and Thanksgiving together!

1. Log in every week to get 1 Thanksgiving Code from Belle. Click "Events" → "Redeem Code" and enter the code to claim the gift.

Thanks Login Box
Open to get a +4 Stone (B), a Resonance Stone, 2,000 Chi Points, a 15-day 4-star Star Rooster Endless Explorer (B) and a 15-day Turkey Terminator (B) title.
Sweet Login Box
Open to get a +4 Stone (B), 2 Bright Star Stones, 50 Yellow Rune Essences, a 15-day Turkey Hunter (B) hairstyle and a 15-day Final Survivor (Supreme) (B).

2. Monsters may drop some appearance trial packs. You can pick up 3 packs at most a day. There are 3D 5S Mount, 3D 5S Garment, 3D Title and 3D Wing trial packs.

3. Join in the Thanksgiving praying once a day to get a surprise Black Friday discount, up to 40% off. The discount refreshes at 24:00 daily. Logging in and collecting Active Points will earn you 5 Discount Refresh Tickets.

Original Price
Martyr Ring Box
30 Martyr Rings
319 CPs
Lineage Crystal Box
30 Lineage Crystals
309 CPs
Lineage Seal Box
5 Lineage Seals
519 CPs
Rune Essence Box
100 Universal Rune Essences
319 CPs
DB Scroll Box
1 DB Scroll (B)
149 CPs
+6 Stone Box
1 +6 Stone (B)
519 CPs
+7 Stone Box
1 +7 Stone (B)
1,399 CPs
Star Stone Box
1 Radiant Star Stone
179 CPs
Big Star Stone Box
1 Splendid Star Stone
1,799 CPs
Potency Point Box
10,000 Potency Points
479 CPs
Chi Point Box
10,000 Chi Points
389 CPs
Jiang Hu Box

10 Senior Training Pills (B)
20 Favored Training Pills (B)
10 Free Training Pills

189 CPs

4. Taste Deluxe Turkey to win 5-star garments, and Secret Turkey will earn you chic hairstyles. Each time you taste turkey, you will receive a random reward.

Possible Rewards
Deluxe Turkey

5-star Frosty Snow (Glacier) (B)
1 +5 Stone (B)
2 +4 Stones (B)
1 Radiant Star Stone
1 DB Scroll (B)
50 Universal Rune Essences
20 Lineage Crystals
2 10KK Contribution Medals (B)

Note: Tasting the Deluxe Turkey 60 times will definitely get you a 5-star garment Frosty Snow (Glacier) (B).

199 CPs
Secret Turkey

Frosty Snow hairstyle (B)
2 +3 Stones (B)
1 +4 Stone (B)
30 Universal Rune Essences
1 Lineage Seal
5 Dragon Balls (B)
1 10KK Contribution Medal (B)
1 Random Swap Pack (M)

Note: Tasting the Secret Turkey 50 times will definitely get you Frosty Snow hairstyle (B).

99 CPs

5. Spend a certain amount of CPs to win nice rebates. 1 Lucky Star will be selected to receive a lucky star reward each day! The draw takes place daily at 23:59.
Lucky Star Rewards include Meteoric Irons, Dragon Chi Liquor, Lotus Essences (B), Big Permanent Stones (B), Wishing Balls, Lineage Seals, Omnistones, etc.