Beginners - Start Off




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1. Clicking "Register" button to create an account directly. 



2. Entering this site to register an account. 


Account Login & Sign Out

1. Clicking "Account Login" button to start the game. 



2. Select a server.



3. Select Class, Gender and enter a name to continue.



4. Log out.



Game Operations

You have installed the game, created a character, and logged into the game for the first time. So what now? Here's a few tips to get you oriented in the world of Conquer Online.


1. Movement:

Jump: Click on the ground where you want to move. All characters in Conquer are capable of amazing leaps -such is the style of ancient Chinese heroes.



2. Pathfinding:

Most places can be reached by Pathfinding.



3. Kill Monsters: 



4. Chat with friends: 

Use the chat bar to talk to your in-game friends in private. When you "whisper", nobody else can hear the conversation.


Chat with a player by entering the player name, typing the message, and then pressing the "Send" button to send the message.


5. Do the Actions: 

Choose an action you want to do to express your feelings.