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Click on the button “Status” to see your character’s information, including attributes, equipment, weapon proficiency, etc.



1. Basic Status

1) Basics:

PK Point: Killing other character, it will increase and it will decrease over time.

Strength: Determines your attack damage. There is strength requirement when equipping a weapon.

Agility: Determines attack accuracy. There is agility requirement when equipping a weapon.

Vitality: Determines health point. The higher it is, the harder to be killed.

Spirit: Determines magic power.


2) Details:

Attack: Physical attack damage.

Defense: Physical attack defense.

M-Attack: Magic attack damage

M-Defense: Magic attack defense.


2. Equipment:

You can check everything you wear.

Equip: Drag the armors or weapons from the inventory to the corresponding equipment slots; or open your inventory and click on "equip" button to put them on.

Un-equip: Click on the equipment you wear, and then choose the "Unequip" button to take it off.


3. Skills:

You can see the names, levels and current experience of the skills you have learnt.


4. Weapons skills:

You can see the skills, proficiency and current experience of the weapons.


5. Sub-Class: Details