Event Walkthrough for Thunderstrikers



1. New Thunderstrikers can claim the quest from Mendes (Twin City 385,332) and upgrade to win abundant rewards.


2. Heroes who have completed Thunderstriker Story Quest can find Giant Loki (Twin City 390,332) to join in Boss Challenge and win a mass of Niflheim Crystals.


3. The month after update is Thunderstriker Privilege Month, when Thunderstrikers can win more rewards in Class PK War and Team PK Tournament. Meanwhile, Thunderstrikers can get 1 30-day pack and open it once a day to get fine rewards.


4. Follow Thunderstriker and Sigurd (Twin City 447,350) to mop up monsters in Niflheim to get lots of Niflheim Crystals and items. Niflheim Crystals can be exchanged for treasures with Purser Nobis.


5. All heroes can buy favorable rebate packs from
Bowen (Twin City 373,349). The rebate is up to 100%. Thunderstrikers can buy +6/+8/+12 Thunderstriker Equipment at a low price and designated Skill Enhancing Packs within limited time.