Guide for Thunderstrikers




1. Thunderstriker Class Feature:
Passive skills are frequently triggered to reduce damage and restore SP. Windstorm Battleaxe will trigger high-damage status during attack. When Thunderstrikers use XP skill and Heaven's Wrath, Undying Imprinting will be triggered to prevent them from being killed and restore HP.

2. Upgrade Path:
Besides mainline quests, you can join in Thunderstriker Story Quest to get equipment at level 40 and join in Niflheim Mop-up to accumulate EXP and complete rebirth at level 100. After rebirth, you can upgrade via hunting monsters in Niflheim Mop-up.

3. Growth Plan:
Attribute: Improve P-Attack, Immunity, Max HP, and P-Strike first. Chi Study: Improve Attack and HP first. Jiang Hu: Improve Anti-break at Stage 1/3/7, -P-Damage at Stage 2/6, Break at Stage 4/8, Max HP at Stage 5/9.


PK Strategy:
1. If you want to deal high damage, you can use Megabolt (Penalty). Its damage is remarkable, but you need to practice to improve the hit rate.

2. Cracking Shock is a good choice for range damage.

3. If you haven't mastered the skill and face a powerful enemy, you can use Devouring Strike. After being used twice, the skill will automatically upgrade to Sky Fall, which ensures formidable range damage.

4. Thunderstriker’s SP will restore quickly, so you can feel free to cast skills.

5. With Lightning Shield and Undying Imprinting, Thunderstrikers can resist damage with shield, and Undying Imprinting can protect Thunderstrikers from death.

6. Thunderstriker’s passive skill Windstorm Battleaxe will deal constant high damage and even bring the damage up to max. But it cannot be triggered unless you meet the requirement.