Update Announcement for New Version Fated Heroes



Dear players, the new version will be updated on Dec. 21st. The following are the upcoming updates:


1. Thunderstriker Coming: Powerful Thunderstriker comes to Conquer! It will bring you an exciting gameplay experience with formidable attack skills, wide damage range, passive shield, and constantly restoring HP.


2. Chat Interface Renovation:
New message will be displayed in the bubble on the lower left. Click on it to jump to corresponding interface.
You can view messages from all channels in the new comprehensive channel.
The avatar and name of the player whom you send private messages will be recorded on the right. Click on the avatar or name to chat.
New Functions: item sharing, location sharing, and history expression.


3. Character State Page Renovation:  Click on BP/Score button to view details of BP/Score.


4. Skill Page & UI Renovation


5. Equipment/Inventory Page Optimization: Acquisition methods are added to item tips (shopping guide).


6. Page & UI Optimization for Minor Class/Weapon Proficiency: The effects of different stages can be previewed.


7. Interface & UI Optimization for Chi Study


8. Purification Page & UI Optimization:
The enchanted attributes after upgrade can be previewed.
Shopping guide on material selection page is available.
Equipment enhancement is available on the right.


9. New Bonus Interface: Total sign-in record will be displayed on sign-in page.


10. Mall Page Renovation:
Items can be bought in bulk.
You can click on the icon on the lower right to enter the mall.


11. Quest Page Renovation: Pathfinding to NPC is available on quest details page.


12. Donation Ranging Optimization:
Only the Top 10 players are shown on the rank.


We are looking forward to your feedback and your suggestions. We will try our best to bring you a better game experience.