Update Announcement for New Version Mystery Runes



Dear players, the new version will be updated on Jul. 5th. The following are the upcoming updates:

1. The brand new Rune System is now available in the world of Conquer!
Embed Runes to get the passive skills of Runes. You will get the effects you want by combining different Runes, making combat more strategic.

2. Challenges
We add a new 'Trials' Button in the Main Interface. By clicking on this button, you can find all challenges, like Chi Challenge and Rune Challenge. You can directly participate in the interested challenges through the interface.

3. Main Interface Optimization
* The friend button is moved from the right list to the lower-left corner, and the mall button is moved from the skill bar to the upper list. The chat function is adjusted so that the chat display area can be switched when you are in the safe zone, and the chat area is placed on the left for you to have more room for operation.
* The original XP Bar is shortened and the XP area is moved up to make the current interface more coordinated.

4. Setting Interface Optimization
* The setting interface and entrance button are adjusted to be more coordinated.
* A secondary Password Function has been added in Setting Interface. After setting the Secondary Password, when you consume CPs at Mall or make transactions with other players, our system will do a second check, which can significantly improve the security of your account.

5. Skill Bar & Buff Display Optimization
* The Battle Buff is now displayed on the skill bar.
* When you select a skill, the effect will be displayed.

6. Game Performance Optimization
The laggy issue will be improved in the new version.
We are looking forward to your feedback and your suggestions. We will take your suggestions very seriously and try our best to bring you a better game experience.