Secret of Lineage - Come to Check out the New Way of Rebirth!



1.  Lineage System

Lineage exists in your body in the form of Omnistone once your class is settled. Its power will be activated when you reach the required level, and you'll receive some unique abilities of your class.


1.1 Unlock Main Lineage

 After reaching level 110, you may enter the Lineage interface via the Lineage Secret button on the main interface. 


Tap you class icon and find Dain to learn about the Lineage Secret. After completing the quest, you can unlock Lineage. 


1.2 Unlock Minor Lineage I

After reaching level 120, consume 10 Omnistones to unlock the Minor Lineage on the Lineage interface. 


You can choose Blessed Inheritance or Gem Inheritance while unlocking the Minor Lineage. 


1.3 Minor Lineage I Inheritance

When Minor Lineage I is unlocked, tap Lineage Inheritance and consume some Omnistones to perform the inheritance of Minor Lineage I.

(Check out the specific values in the final updated version)



1.4 Unlock Minor Lineage II

After the inheritance of Minor Lineage I at level 120, you may consume 20 Omnistones to unlock Minor Lineage II.


1.5 Minor Lineage II Inheritance

When Minor Lineage II is unlocked, consume some Omnistones to make a choice for Minor Lineage II.  The class selected will become the Main Lineage, and the previous Main Lineage will become the Minor Lineage II.


Follow the guidance to complete the quest and unlock Lineage Inheritance.


1.6 Unlock Lineage Faction 

When Lineage Inheritance is unlocked, enter Lineage Secret and complete the faction quest to unlock the corresponding Lineage Faction. 


The Lineage growth rewards will be available when all faction quests are complete.


Tap the corresponding Lineage to enhance it. 


1.7 Lineage Combination and Growth

It's a new way of rebirth, with the rebirth interface optimized. There are 3 Factions based on different characteristics of the classes. You can choose your favorite factions to make your Lineage plans.


Make a combination freely according to your understanding. You may try your Lineage plan when it's done. While trying the Lineage plan, you can check the preview of skills acquired and the changes of plans.

Here is an example of a combination:


Lineage can be enhanced or rarefied.

Tap Enhance button to enter the interface. And you can consume old items + new items to perform Lineage enhancing. When a Lineage reaches level 10, rarefy it to break through the level cap.


You may fail when you try to break through the level cap, but you’ll reach a new Lineage level and receive Lineage skills if you succeed.


1.8 Lineage Skills

Lineage rarefying helps you break through the Lineage level cap and gives you Lineage skills.


Lineage Skill Name  



Hidden Knife

There is a X% chance to generate extra throwing knives during normal attacking, dealing extra XX% damage each knife for Ys. The number of knives can be stacked (up to Z).



Consumes X stamina to summon a flying arrow, dealing Y% damage to a random enemy in the area X times, lasting for Xs. Cooldown: Xs.

Fire Taoist

Thunder Scourge

There is a Y% chance to trigger Thunder Scourge for Xs, launching XX% scourge attack to random areas around every Xs. Cooldown: Xs.


Helen`s Blessing

There is a Y% chance to trigger Helen Shield when you`re being attacked, lasting for Xs, reducing damage according to the remaining HP. Cooldown: Zs.



You`ll enter the Sneak state if you don`t attack or get any damage for Xs, restoring X% of Max HP, and then show up in Ys. Cooldown: Xs.

Dragon Warrior


When you`re being attacked, there is a X% chance to turn Y% damage into a X-second shield, increasing damage dealt by Z%. Cooldown: Xs.


Knight Bastion

There is a Y% chance to trigger Knight Shield when you`re being attacked, which can block X% damage of the next attack. Cooldown: Xs.

Water Taoist

Poseidon`s Blessing

There is a Y% chance to grant the target Poseidon Shield while casting a healing skill, and the target will receive X shield points every time they cast a skill, up to Z points.


Misty Sea

There is a X% chance to trigger Misty Sea during normal attacking, lasting for Ys, with a Z% chance to dodge all attacks from enemies. Cooldown: Bs.



There is a Y% chance to trigger Thunderking while attacking, enabling you to dash to a target spot on your next move, dealing thunder damage to a D-pace area around. Cooldown: Xs.


Buddha Mantra

There is a X% chance to trigger Buddha Mantra when you take damage that exceeds Y% of Max HP, and you`ll become invincible and absorb damage for Xs, dealing Buddha damage (up to Z) to a D-pace area around in Xs. Cooldown: Xs.


1.9 Lineage Item Acquisition

There are 3 Lineage items.




Lineage Crystal


Lineage Seal


* Ways to get the Lineage items.

1. Collect Lineage items via Growth Reward.

2. Exchange for Lineage items at the exchange store in Misty Realm. 

3. Purchase Lineage items in the CP mall.