Secret of Lineage - New Content on Rune



New Rune Slot

A new embedding slot is added on Apr. 20th. You can purchase the material "Meteoric Iron" from the CP Mall to unlock it.

New Content on Rune Peak

The rewards in the prize pool will be updated on Apr. 25th. The old Yellow Runes have been replaced by the new ones. Stage rewards have also been updated.

New Yellow Runes

Rune Description
Stigmata (+1) Rare Yellow Rune. Equip this Rare Yellow Rune to get the Stigmata skill. Passive: Reduces the effect of critical strikes on you by 5%. Next Level: 6% reduction.

Nightmare (+1)

Yellow Rune. Equip this Universal Rune to get the Nightmare skill. Passive: Increases M-DEF by 5%. Next Level: 6%.

Intrepid Brave (+1)

Yellow Rune. Equip this Universal Rune to enhance the Intrepid Brave skill. Passive: Increases Divine Guard by 1 level. Next Level: +2 levels.

Sky Falcon (+1)

Yellow Rune. Passive: Equip it to attack targets in the sky, and the damage dealt will be decreased by 70%. Next Level: 65%.

Fatal Storm (+1)

Yellow Rune. Equip this Universal Rune to get the Fatal Storm skill. Passive: Increases 5% Penetration. Next Level: 6%.