Secret of Lineage - Other Updates



Dropping Effect Update
1. Equipment dropping will have a new light effect. You’ll see the light shooting up to the sky to show the quality of the equipment.
2. Unlocking it requires the first credit, otherwise, the color will only be green.
3. The item name only shows when you’re standing close enough. You won’t get disturbed by a screen full of words.
4. Drop Protection is available. If you kill a monster, you’re the only one who can pick up the drops within 30 seconds. Other heroes can pick them up after 30 seconds.


New Interface for Rankings
1. You can check out the new interface for Wall of Prestige.
2. The Lineage rankings are available. Upgrade your Lineage level to get ranked!


New Interface for Mailbox
1. The mailbox interface has been optimized.
2. You’ll find 2 new buttons: Claim All and Delete All. It’s more convenient for you to claim your rewards and delete useless mails.
3. Those mails with unclaimed rewards won’t be deleted.